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Store offers vitamins, supplements

January 24, 2013
By MEL TOADVINE ( , Lehigh Acres Citizen

Those who know Sterling Peacock, the owner of the new Peacock's Vitamins and More health store, will say he is has a passion and intellect about the good things different vitamins and supplements can do for the body.

But he doesn't claim to be a doctor nor does he claim that any supplement will heal any disease and would refer those who have medical problems to see their physicians first.

But to have a healthy life, he believes you can supplement the food you eat with the use of holistic medicines.

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Peacock’s Vitamins and More health store, at 25 Homestead Road, Suite 25, offers different vitamins and supplements.

"We have a variety of supplements in additions to vitamins at our new store and the patient is welcome to discuss anything we sell with his or her doctor," Peacock said.

The new store is in the Lehigh Town Center at Suite 25.

"It's easy for customers to find us. We are at 25 Homestead Rd. in Suite 25. You know, 25-25, easy to see," he said.

Peacock says he is a "nutritionist nerd." He reads everything he can about supplements and vitamins and can tell you what he believes will help you with a certain ailment.

"I've been interested in vitamins and herbs since I was a child. I think I got it from my grandmother who was always interested in home remedies, many of them worked, too," he said. "I grew up with that as part of my early life."

Peacock who is 39, has studied overseas in Hungary. He can speak three languages in addition to English.

"I can think and speak quickly in Spanish, French and German," he said.

Such a talent is an asset to a diversified community such as Lehigh Acres.

Those who come with questions will find Peacock a friendly, down to earth type person, who will spend all the time you need in helping you select what he considers vitamins and supplements that may help you. He will explain how and why.

Working at his new vitamin store with him is Stacy Knowles, who is also becoming about vitamins and their importance to maintaining good health.

"There are many supplements, not drugs, to help people who have sleep problems and they are not dangerous to the body and the best thing about what we offer in our store comes without side effects," Peacock said.

"We have vitamins and supplements to help in many areas of health-related matters."

"So often, a prescription from a physician is not fully explained and the patient often finds there are side effects that he or she didn't know about," he said. "Patients should always ask about possible side effects of any drug prescribed. They don't teach doctors in college about the use of alternatives however, such as the proper vitamins and supplements that may also be beneficial."

You can find almost any vitamin or supplement on the shelves of the store which is larger than it appears. In the back of the store is a caf which is becoming more and more popular because Peacock offers very healthy lunches at very fair prices. No junk food here.

Peacock says he can offer information about how to detox one's body and get on a good diet, just like any physician would suggest.

"Nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Add that with the proper exercise and lifestyle, you're likely to remain healthy," Peacock said.

He can even mix certain types of supplements if one is allergic to a certain item.

"I'm glad to help anyone and I do things like this every week for my customers," he said.

"Women have their particular interests in looking good and staying healthy and we get a lot of female customers especially after the TV show by Dr. Oz.

"He offers good advice on his TV show and we will strive to fill our customers' desires. We have orders for things that may not be available on the shelf and they arrive in a day or two.

"For men, they seem to be more interested in sexual health issues and in prostrate health," he said.

"As men grow older, the prostrate often enlarges as any doctor will tell you. And that can cause problems with urination. There are good supplements that are available to help."

He has worked at another vitamin and supplement outlet before going into business for himself. And he and GNC, another store in Lehigh that specializes in vitamins and supplements work together.

"If I know they have something I don't, I will send a customer to them. And likewise, GNC will send people to me if they do not have a particular item on hand," he said.

"Our caf is becoming popular all the time. When people discover they can have a healthy meal, they return. Things like a really tasty healthy chicken salad sandwich is reasonably priced. We have other types of foods, too."

Peacock's vitamin store is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The store is closed Sundays.

"We offer gluten-free foods and exciting foods in the caf. Sandwiches come in wraps," he said.

Peacock believes one can stay healthy by eating the right foods and using vitamins and supplements. Today, holistic medicine is becoming more and more popular, especially due to more and more televised shows by people such as the Dr. Oz show.

"These things work. It's good to read about them on the Internet. I am happy to answer any and all questions," he said.

The health food store has plenty of traffic. People are in and out and Peacock gets several calls a day from customers with questions about good nutrition and what he offers to supplement a good diet.

"Vitamins are not only trendy these days, but very useful to those who are interested in staying healthy for a long time," he said.



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