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Children are not the problem; they are the victims

January 23, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

The cause of violence in our communities is not our children. They do not commit violent acts, perhaps an occasional suicide. There is no reservoir of psychotic disease in our children. Most psychotic illnesses have a low genetic component. Therefore, perhaps we as adults have a major factor in the etiology of these illnesses.

There is a major emphasis on locking our schools, enclosing them in fences (with concertina fences?), schools with single guarded entrances, with security cameras, and patrols. Class rooms will be locked and the teacher will have the key. Custodians and principals will also have a key.

I recently attended a meeting where a former school board member was the guest speaker. She did mention school security, and it seems her ideas fit the above description. I raised with her the question of this being bad for the socialization and safety of students and teachers. See seemed puzzled. She said "but this allows them to socialize in safety." She was clueless.

From my perspective, it looks as if our children should be socializing the adults. They do a much better job with relationships. Perhaps this is why we are so secure in our gated communities (segregated in most respects) walking our pets.

I also believe that it is the duty of every wholesome citizen to reject the notion that hate and violence solves any problems. We must stand against the proponents of violence who are bringing our nation down. We can build, bind, and grow with the support of each other in a loving, caring environment.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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