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No impact fees can cause financial woes to county

January 30, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Concerning the county commissioners may vote for a moratorium on impact fees, this is what happens:

Less county income equals less services (fire, schools, roads and more). If you don't have jobs up north and elsewhere, who comes to buy anything here?

You have to get rid of all the foreclosures to create demand that justifies building. Right you have a supply of foreclosures that you are not forcing the banks to foreclose. You are putting the burden of people not paying association fees at hundreds of associations, s the current owners have to pay for those owners who are not paying.

The guidelines of the 20th judicial court have to be changed to force banks to foreclose and get these homes in the hands of new owners. Once the foreclosures are gone, you have no supply - and you then have demand.

You then have homeowner, property owner and condominium associations lowering their fees as all owners are paying and no longer delinquent, which puts more spending dollars into the economy.

New owners in the foreclosed units brings in more spending dollars. The banks must not be allowed to have five years before they foreclose.

Lee County must work on bringing in more industry of other companies that creates jobs. If you keep cutting your budget, where do you pull incentive dollars to encourage other industries to come to Lee County.

We have to be more than a tourist destination and create more than tourism support jobs.

We must find "other" industry. Who will employ the unemployed? Who will employ those in college and in school now? Where will they get jobs?

Ruth A. Anglickis

vice president

Landex Resorts International Inc.

Lehigh Acres



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