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Are you safeguarding your technology?

February 6, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Every day we find ourselves interacting with modern technology. Our "devices" provide us convenience, entertainment, and connection to a world that is available with the touch of a button or click of a mouse.

Within seconds we can hear the voice of a loved one from thousands of miles away, conduct business transactions like shopping or banking, and find our way home from a remote location. For the most part, these devices make life much easier, but life can get complicated quickly if our beloved technology doesn't have the proper safeguards in place.

The Sheriff's Office encourages you to keep these safety tips in mind:

- GPS and Garage Door Opener: If you use a GPS (global positioning system) in your vehicle, it is wise to never store your "home" address in the device. Should your car or mobile system be stolen, thieves could easily search the system for this information and be guided directly to your house. Remember the garage door opener you have clipped to your visor? You now have given complete access to an unwelcomed house guest.

- Cell phone: Be careful of the personal information you store on your cell phone. Sensitive information such as bank account and pin numbers, social security numbers, passwords and birthdates can be used to steal your identity if accessed by the wrong person. Safeguard your phone by only downloading apps from sites you trust, be careful when using unsecured WiFi hotspots and always use a strong password.

- Computer: Con-artists and fraudsters are always looking for ways to steal your money, your credit and your identity. An unsecured computer is like leaving the front door of your home wide open. Be cyber "street" smart by updating your operating system and anti-virus software, beware of e-mail attachments, use wireless connections cautiously, turn your computer and your wireless router broadcasting feature off when not in use.

To arrange to have someone come out to your community to talk about this or another safety or security topic please contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office, Community Relations Section at (239) 477-1400.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

Fort Myers



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