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Youth credited for saving mom’s life

February 21, 2013
By MEL TOADVINE ( , Lehigh Acres Citizen

Lee County Sheriff's investigators were still trying to find out today who may have fired several shots that ended up in a home in Lehigh where there was a mother and several children both inside and outside the house.

One of the children shoved his mother back into the house when she attempted to go outside the front door to see what may be happening. She credits him for the likelihood that he may have saved her life.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, Feb. 13 on 65th Street SW in Lehigh Acres when Curtrina Black, 35, owner of the house, said she heard popping sounds outside her home.

Sheriff's Deputy First Class April Jackson who was on uniformed patrol was dispatched to the address of 65th St. SW and met with Curtrina Black who told her that someone had shot at her home and had struck the house and gone inside.

She said she heard a "pow, pow, pow," and thought someone was banging on something, so she sent her son outside to see where the noise was coming from, thinking it may be something his friends were playing with in the yard.

When she heard more pop sounds her son ran back into the house and told her he heard something fly by his head. Keeping her inside may have saved her life, Black said.

The detective said she was told there were somewhere between six and seven "popping noises" and that she had talked to others in the neighborhood who heard the sounds, too, but said they had not seen anything or anyone with a gun.

Black says she doesn't think someone was shooting at her house on purpose, but she isn't sure.

"I think it's scary to think someone would be shooting off a gun in the area especially so close to a residential area where families with children live," she said.

Even a bicyclist told Detective Jackson that he had not seen anything.

The case was turned over to the sheriff's department's Major Crimes Unit, but as of this weekend, there had been no answer to where the shots came from and no arrests.

Black said inside the house was another hole in which a bullet had traveled through before striking an inside wall entering another wall. The investigation showed that the bullet did not exit, but instead lodged itself within the interior wall of the kitchen of the home.

At the time of the shooting incident, Black was at home with her three young children.

If anyone has any information about the shooting, they are urged to contact the Sheriff's Office. Investigators want to know if the shots were just stray shots from someone shooting a gun or if they were targeted at the house. No arrests had been made as of the weekend and Black said neither she nor her children were injured, but one bullet had come close to the son who shoved her back inside her house.

"He may have saved my life," she said. "People shouldn't be shooting in areas like this where there are homes and children are outside playing."

Black, 35, is a nurse's assistant at HealthPark Hospital in Fort Myers. The incident occurred sometime after 4 p.m.

If someone is found who fired the gun shots, he or she can be charged with a firing weapons offense of shooting missiles into a dwelling.



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