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A compassionate governor?

March 6, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

The Governor's acceptance of some provisions under the Affordable Care Act is welcomed. This sounds very politically motivated. Surly I don't see any major transition from his state of blindness. This is only hope to improve his re-electability. He could care less about the viability of the health care system in Florida as long as republicans win.

The original proposal by Health and Human Service was much better for our state. The governor's Medicaid managed care has been a failure, and will not save money, but will sacrifice patient care and provider reimbursement. The only winner will be the insurance company. Acceptance of Medicaid at the 133 percent poverty level would have cared for many more of Florida's needy families.

His anger came through very plain. He refers to the ACA as government run health care. However he will accept it as long as someone else pays 100 percent. Please inform him that the ACA is not government run, as managed care is insurance run. The ACA strives to get maximum provider and patient control with input to drive down cost. Please ask the governor what happens after three years. His compassion sounds like a used car dealer promising an upgrade on tires.

I remain hopeful that he will see the light and accept the ACA as proposed for the state. He should proceed and set up the insurance exchanges so that millions of Floridians can benefit.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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