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Remembering Army Chaplin Emil Kapaun

May 1, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

President Barack Obama on Thursday, April 11, bestowed the Medal of Honor on Army Chaplain Rev. Emil Kapaun who dodged bullets to provide medical and spiritual support to wounded soldiers during the Korean War.

Many soldiers never forgot their chaplain. He was credited with saving hundreds of soldiers during the Korean War. The Korean conflict is sometimes called the forgotten war, overshadowed by the global cataclysm of World War II and the nation's long struggle in Vietnam.

For many Korean veterans - my father was a Korean War veteran - there were vivid war memories that he told me about after the war was over.

Capt. Emil Kapaun carried an injured American for four miles as Chinese captors led them on a death march. He cleaned the wounds of captured soldiers, persuaded them to share scarce food and ministered to them in captivity.

Many soldiers never forgot him. The chaplain was captured as a POW in 1950 for six months. The end was near for the chaplain; his last words were, "Hey guys, don't worry about me. I'm going to where I always wanted to go and I'll say a prayer for you."

Congratulations to Chaplain Emil Kapaun for his Medal of Honor after 62 years.

Also, I wanted to write about an oxymoron versus a "sequester."

Oxymoron, a 21st century word meaning language that says one thing but means another in contradiction (example: jumbo shrimp). Are we being fooled by our government's use of the word sequester?

The budget cut's so-called sequester are not cuts at all, but just a reduction in spending.

The Senate has not passed a budget in four years so the "budget" has increased 24 percent with no vote. Many individuals ask themselves if their income increased 24 percent in the last four years.

For most the answer is no.

The sequester calls for $1.2 trillion in cuts over 10 years or $120 billion per year. The budget even after full sequester, will increase $100 billion this year alone - $220 billion increase minus $120 billion sequester equals $100 billion increase.

So to say that we will lay off defense workers, close national parks, slow down air traffic, lay off school teachers, et cetra, and yet increase spending is the biggest oxymoron of this century.

Jane Dickinson

Lehigh Acres



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