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Secure our border and fix immigration

May 29, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Failure to secure our southern border is more than just an illegal immigration problem. This subject has been interpreted by many Americans as a simple problem of not wanting Hispanic dominance in America.

First, a lot more than just Hispanics enter by our southern border. The problem is much greater than just people. There is a complex uncontrolled zone of crime, murders, smuggling, and infiltration, and a border fence is only a partial solution.

There's a group operating illegally (some American) engaged in smuggling money, weapons, drugs, and other illegal cargo. We hear of White Supremacy Militia for example operating there.

We also hear about our prisons and border towns being infiltrated with contraband. This should remind us of the Boston Marathon bombing. There is also the problem recently on our northern border with rail security.

I agree we must solve the problem, but I disagree that it has to be resolved before we solve our immigration problems.

I find it unconscionable that an individual and his family must suffer through 13 years of indentured servitude before applying for citizenship. Certainly there are other means of assessing penalty which allows the family to be progressive, engaged, and move forward without the psychological stigma for generations to come.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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