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Questions about oil, natural gas

June 12, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

How will the state of Florida ensure that oil drilling does not infringe upon the long-term quality of life in Southwest Florida?

Can our legislative leaders see that the more we drill the more the pressure will remain to rely on petroleum for the long term?

How much natural gas is available within the area under the control of the citizens of Florida?

The buzzword "jobs" appears to justify everything business does while the disparity between what jobs pay and what is paid out in boardroom continues to widen. What definite steps will state government take to foster an increase in what jobs pay?

One of the first industries I noticed was that there is a bank on each corner. They appear to be easy to start up and easy to sell soon, leaving the biggest banks from who knows where to control he industry. What is the state doing to ensure that mega banks cannot pushy everyone out with their most favored status with the fed and then go for one crisis to another?

Lobbyists and their targets in state government do not come under the Sunshine laws. How can we tell what lawmakers and their staffers promise in private to people that can give them far greater benefits than serving in government?

John Miller

Lehigh Acres



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