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Congress out of control

June 12, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Watching the congressional hearings was very painful. Probably the most painful was the IRS hearing. The IRS hearing rose to the level of comparison to a three-ring circus. The parade of witnesses to demonstrate excessive intrusion was a farce. This was time consuming and a waste of public money and could have been accomplished by selecting three or four select witnesses. Questions could have been pointed and used to demonstrate points instead of allowing members to grandstand.

The video showing abuse of finance and training time by some IRS staff was essentially a repeat of what we saw a few years ago, so it continues in various federal departments. Question is: What has Congress done to prevent it from happening? That is the report the American people is waiting for.

The American public needs a Congress that is working for us.

When will we get a report on those bad apples using dark money and inappropriate tax-exempt money passed through these PACs, 501(c-4), and social welfare charters. When will we be able to see how they are buying power and destroying Democracy?

They should all be investigated and required to demonstrate compliance. Funding money to candidates or campaigns in exchange for favors should be illegal. Instead we set them up to continue with no risk of identifying donor or candidates.

Congress will not discipline itself, so must we allow them to continue this charade? Corporations are not people; perhaps we can soon establish that. There is hope that the "Democracy is for People" amendment will soon be passed.

This would help control corporative habit of buying power, and give Congress power to pass campaign finance laws. This is a step forward, but who restrains Congress is a problem. Currently there is a complaint urging the FEC to investigate Chevron's 2.5 million super PAC contribution to a congressional leader. I wonder how this gentleman can set an example for the members of his chamber.

Today the average congressman knows he can leave Congress a billionaire with little effort. The American people deserve better.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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