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Obamacare health care bad for Florida

June 26, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

God bless Rep. Matt Caldwell, for telling the truth and opposing and saving the state of Florida the big mistake of applying for federal funds for health care.

How can you trust a federal government that will not tell U.S. citizen the truth about the IRS that spies on U.S. citizens or Obamacare, that no one knows what is in it.

This federal money for your health care will come from a government (sic) that broke "no money." We will not receive the money. Then you will be taxed to pay for it. This is being pushed by doctors and hospitals to fatten their wallets.

Just look at the little 10-year-old girl that needed a lung transplant and almost died because of Obamacare. She was told just too bad.

Tell Rep. Caldwell thank you for doing the right thing for Florida.

Yepram Dervahanian

Lehigh Acres



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