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Good will win over evil

July 10, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

This is an exciting time to be a Democrat and want to see good things done for our nation and its people. There is a struggle between those who would sacrifice all to win and satisfy their greed, and those who wish to see the peoples' will be done. The air is charged with excitement. Sure there is some suspense, but hopefully expectation increases the will to charge forward.

The President's agenda is that of the people. Some think it is ambitious.

I say why not be ambitious when our people are in need. In every corner of this nation people are crying out for relief from difficult times brought on by a non-caring government and exacerbated by obstructionists who fill their pockets and protect the rich. The same radical obstructionists chart a course of hard times for anyone in need.

Yes, I say good will win out over evil. The GOP (SOP), Tea Party, conservative obstructionists, and the extremist radicals that stand in the way of honest Democratic government will not win.

I read with interest Rich Lowry's article Obama Power Outage in Time magazine June 3, 2013. He stated that the president broke his sword on gun control. He ended the article by saying the agenda is flopping and somewhere in the middle of his article he said the public is yawning. I agree with the latter.

The public rarely tends to move in a direct path, there are usually some curves and there are hills to climb. There will be times also when the wind is at our backs. America will win for the good of all the people.

There are news reports that the two top GOP House leaders plan to meet with families who lost loved ones in the Newtown, Conn., massacre. My heart goes out to these people who lost loved ones. They are truly brave. I'm sure given the fact that the House has refused to take up gun legislation this meeting is not helpful to heal them. Personally I would find it difficult to restrain my stomach contents.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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