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Health care: Face it and move on

July 24, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Health care has long been a toxic political issue, so face it and move on. The health care system we have now is a train wreck and the ACA will correct many of our problems. The political opposition is constantly on the attack. In addition, haters and hate groups manufacture issues to gain political favor. There is no shortage of hate, particularly if they don't get what they want. I would suggest we respond to these groups in a positive tone, ask them to permit you to review their plan.

The current delay on the employer mandate is fair. The administration wants to make sure they listen to complaints and offer fair solutions. But, let us face it, employer mandates are not new, they have been voluntary and a significant part of our health care. Certainly conditions have changed.

The most dramatic change is the lack of union power to stand up for employees. This is a direct result of anti-union maneuvering by Republican and Tea Party who wish to dismantle unions and reduce employee benefits. Wage trends are also downward and employees are more productive. This produces more benefit for the employers. So why are employers complaining? Because they can and it is fashionable.

There are many positives as previously mentioned. The ACA gives employers the opportunity to form ECOs. They also have the option to self-insure. Certainly if they have 50 or fewer employees they receive tax credit. Having to file with the IRS is a small task for the accountant, so why complain. Why not concentrate on your employees' health; they produce your bottom line.

I recall Harvard professor Paul Farmer's answer to 10 questions (TIMES, May 13, 2013).

Q: You say the very poor don't get health care because of a failure of imagination.

A: We have the technology and knowhow to deliver care, so it must be a failure of imagination.

Q:?About praise for a miraculous save of a Haitian patient by using his own inhaler.

A:?You realize it would be better to build a system that protects people from risk so they don't need a miracle.

Perhaps it would be good for Americans to listen to Professor Paul Farmer and not to me.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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