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Fight back at those who attack health care law

August 14, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Opponents of new health care laws will not miss a chance to attack. Again the GOP controlled congress voted to dismantle the Health Care law.

Now they are applauding the possible difficulty in implementing the mandate. A few days ago they were elated that employer initiative has been delayed. I understand their plan is to weaken the law so that it fails.

However, I don't see how they hope to gain politically with voters if we deny them access to good health care. Of course they have laid out a foundation of false information which is weak. Any voter could check it out at

As a retired family practitioner who practiced some 30 years delivering care in a system with many obstacles, including insurance abuses, and treating the uninsured, I know this is America's best chance to move ahead with a sound system. Primary care based, with team approach, hospital, specialty, technology, information technology, best practice, evidence based medicine, aligned to give an informed patient the best it can deliver.

The insurance environment has been improved, eliminating many past abuses. The insurers now agree to offer sound plans and place them on the exchanges where patient and provider can see them. Patients can shop and compare to make wise choices.

The employer based initiative is time tested and honored. The mandate is wise and will strengthen the system. Young people should welcome this, not refuse it. First, an accident is only a heartbeat away and this could be very disruptive. Second, we all need preventive care, and third, this will help bring down cost.

To treat the family was an honor. I recall in my final years, I was nursing home director, delivering babies, and doing college physicals. I knew the families concerns, about grandparents, pregnancy outcomes and the healthy child. I don't think these concerns have changed. Americans still want the best and care about each other.

Some are proposing a single payer system. Single payer has many positives and there are many drawbacks. In addition, not many health care system participants will support it. Then, please ask yourself if you would like to depend on a government based single payer system in such a toxic political environment.

I say to America if we say we are patriotic then show it. Stand up for health care, make the system work. Take care of yourselves and be productive. We must compete and win on the world stage.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Fort Myers



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