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I wonder what the vote would be

September 4, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

We are being told we need to incorporate; we need more government. They are telling us more government is the only answer to our problems. They are telling us more government is beneficial to all. But I wonder what the results of the vote would be if only taxpayers could vote. It used to be that way in America. You know that don't you?

When our republic was founded only white male landowners voted. By today's standards that is unheard of. But it was set up that way because those voters were the only ones paying the bills.

Let's look at what our republic was like under such hateful leadership: Government was small, affordable, not a career and was lawful. We elected those that were there to ensure the republic remained constitutionally sound.

Cops, teachers, judges and public servants were respectable and respected. Firemen were awed. We did not require an internal army to check those of us who wanted to enter a courtroom or any other public building.

Our republic's educational process was admired around the world. Kids were taught relevant subject-matter, were taught how to think, were taught how to learn on their own and they were disciplined in the classroom.

We could walk the streets of every city of our nation and be safe. There were jobs of all descriptions for those who chose to work. There was no welfare and the truly needy were cared for. If we needed help we got it but then we got off our butts and responsibly repaid our fellow citizens for their help by being, responsible for ourselves.

Businesses enjoyed free-enterprise opportunities and competition was the name of the game. We had a mother and a father who were responsible for us and they each contributed toward honoring their marriage vows because that was the way nature intended, and it was the law.

So what happened? I believe it was because we went from being a republic and we, almost mystically, became a democracy.

The denigration of our republic was intentionally gradual, it was by design and if we don't do something soon, it is going to be fatal.

Keith Kaye

Lehigh Acres



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