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Reader says stop the stereotypes

September 4, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

I listened to Don Lenon's "No Talking Point" five things African Americans must do to improve (No. 5, pull up pants; No. 4, "N" word; No. 3, respect - pick up your trash; No. 2, finish school; and No. 1, stop unwedded births) as well as his response to a letter from Russell Simmons on that subject. I wanted to shout "enough, enough!"

We have enough stereotypical thinking. This type of discussion helps no one. The people involved in these behaviors don't listen to you, or me. The behaviors described are not restricted to minorities or to any race. In fact some of the worst crime, clutter, (garbage and pollution) can be found in all white neighborhoods. Many of the things you mention are confined to such subcultures (young men, hip-hop, criminal culture, et cetra). These people are looking for attention so don't glorify them. I would suggest pulling their pants down (and underwear) and let them suffer, but that probably would be punishable by law if you are caught. The young man is committing no crime with pants below his butt.

To suggest that these are characteristics of race is absurd. First, there is no entity of race, we are all one human race. Race is an artificial classification created by some to gain advantage and create division. The most influential factor correlating with these five things are not race or minority but poverty, lack of opportunity, and lack of education.

Perhaps if we commit more to education, job opportunity, and mentoring we can make some inroads into that culture division. Please consider stopping supporting of hip-hop criminals.

I wonder if anyone found Oprah's wanting to purchase a $38,000 pocketbook offensive. I have heard no critical discussion of that. I don't envy her wealth, but as an educated, sympathetic loving person I would think she would do more for the world by helping more of her girls.

Whether this was racial intent or not is difficult to say, but I would like to remind all that no one is immune here. This hurts all of us in some way.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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