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Women should take more authority when disciplining

October 30, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

One of the greatest ironies of our time: today: women have inherited from their mothers the freedom to claim authority in the military, corporations, churches, professions, politics and higher education. But they have been persuaded largely by their own gender, to all but completely abdicate authority over their children,.

Lack of discipline, no respect seems to start at a very early age with young children. It also seems all too many mothers are afraid of their children.

They are intimidated by their children's tantrums, disrespect, disobedience and so on. This is the biggest problem facing women today.

Lack of authority and discipline by mothers leads to problems in school and in our community. The child develops an attitude - it's my way or no way.

Women once wore their authority over their children as the most natural of habits. They no longer do,. Many mothers complain that their son or daughter doesn't obey her. It's high time America's mothers reclaim authority over their children and set down the rules of obeying their parents,

They can start by giving instructions, ten ways or less it's time to pick up your toys and clean your room by saying because I said so, that's why.

Jane Dickinson

Lehigh Acres



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