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Rethink how we spend our health care dollars

November 29, 2013
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

We spend some 20 percent of our GDP on health care. This amounts to more than twice per capita spent by the other industrial countries. That makes it a major industry. Every dollar comes out of your pocket one way or another. Does that not make you wonder why someone in government would recognize this and only say we need to cut entitlements?

I would wonder who they represent.

A major portion of this money is paid to insurers. They are the major bankers. They keep a portion and dole out the remainder so as to keep the industry satisfied. They also attempt to satisfy you as purchasers of their product. However, I think I would start to ask questions if an insurer gave me a gym pass and a pair of sneakers. The first question would be, "Do I really need insurance?"

This current insurance problem with insurers canceling policies should be another eye opener. These policies were in existence before 2010. They have been subpar. The insurers knew this. Policies holders are not upset by this. They are upset because they found it out because of the ACA exposing this disgrace. Reports are that many of these policy holders shopped on the health care marketplace and got better policies for less.

May I suggest first we cannot insure our health? Then why not get the best value. Everyone except those on Medicare, Medicaid, and a few others should be visiting the health care marketplace so the insurance companies will have to compete for your dollars. In addition, if you don't have insurance you can find out if you can get a premium tax credit or maybe in addition a cost sharing reduction to help with insurance.

There are many ways we can help ourselves in this war zone. Health care reforms and insurance reform present opportunities to explore them.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Fort Myers



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