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Say no to Lehigh incorporation

January 29, 2014
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

The latest information that we have is that the main instigators behind the tax increasing city incorporation movement are planning a public meeting to refute the already county tax report published in a Lehigh marketing paper. It was also reported in their online blog that in 2009 Lee County Commissioner Frank Mann said that Lehigh should incorporate. Of course, Mr. Mann as of today does not support Lehigh incorporation.

We notice that the incorporation group keeps saying there are more than 80,000 people in Lehigh, so we should incorporate. What they refuse to say is how much the cost is, so I will tell you.

Here are Lee County staffs numbers. We pay in taxes $13,953,095 to the Board of County Commissioners. And the commission spends in combination of five years, capital improvements and three years' operations a total of $122,841,776. So if we incorporate, who has to pay the extra $108,888,68 - guess what, you do.

That is why they never tell you the numbers on how much it will cost. How does it feel to pay ten times more in taxes - we added on the cost of pay, pensions and health insurance for staff and workers.

So every time you see them, ask them and see if they lie to you. What CAIT plans to do, if God forbid Lehigh does incorporate - we plan to put up candidates to run for office and pledge that they will work for "one dollar" a year. We also understand that it was published that Jere Carrick of Majestic Golf course wants to install sewer and water lines; our numbers say that will cost all septic tank owners $18,000 per home.

We have not found a legislator who favors putting an incorporation bill up for a vote and the incorporation supporters cannot get enough signatures to get it on the ballot.

But our group of which I am president - Citizens Against Increased Taxes (CAIT) can.

Frank Lohlein

Lehigh Acres



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