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‘Stand Your Ground’ laws in Florida do not deter crimes

February 19, 2014
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

If we are going to talk about gun control, let's consider the matter with facts and not with fear, anger, hatred or speculation. For many years individuals who study crime have published findings. Consider our own state of Florida. Consider what the experts have found about gun control.

More or less gun control makes no difference to overall rates of murder or suicide.

Resisting an assailant or other criminal with a firearm reduces the chances of injury or property loss. However, most people who defend themselves or their homes do not actually fire their weapons.

Threatening a criminal with a weapon is usually enough. About 1 percent of Americans defend themselves with firearms.

That is a small statistic, but amounts to nearly 190,000 Floridians per year.

"Stand Your Ground" laws first passed in Florida in 2000 do not deter crimes, robbery, or battery or assault. However, the study released last month led to a statistically significant 8 percent increase in homicides.

What then is the most sensible way to control gun crime?

We need to employ laws that prevent known criminals and unstable violent people from gaining possession firearms.

Jane Dickinson

Lehigh Acres



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