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Lee County Sheriff’s Office honors students at ceremony

March 19, 2014
Lehigh Acres Citizen

Humanitarian concern, honesty, integrity, positive decision making and heroism were recognized on Feb. 20 during the Lee County Sheriff's Office's "Do The Right Thing" awards ceremony.

Twenty-eight children were honored at a ceremony.

Each month throughout the school year, the LCSO honors the positive actions of the community's students through the student recognition program. The goal is to reinforce positive behavior among youths and to establish students as role models for their peers.

"Do The Right Thing" partners law enforcement, government, the business and Lee County educational community together in an effort to make a positive impact on the community's young adults.

The following area students were among those recognized:

- Dalton Lewis, of Lehigh Acres, is a second-grade student at Bayshore Elementary School.

- Itzel Hernandez, of Fort Myers, is a second-grade student at Bayshore Elementary School.

Bayshore Elementary School second grade teachers Jolene Reynolds and Laura Guthrie wrote that "during lunch time in the cafeteria, one of the students started choking on their food. Dalton and Itzel were there to save the day. Without a second thought, Dalton and Itzel worked together to quickly get an adult and notify them of the urgent situation. The adult was then able to attend to the student. If Dalton and Itzel had not acted immediately, the situation could have been catastrophic. Their prompt, courageous and selfless actions serve to reflect their true character."

- Jesup Skinner, of Lehigh Acres, is a fifth-grade student at G. Weaver Hipps Elementary School.

G. Weaver Hipps Elementary School Principal Angela Nader wrote that "as Jessup was checking out books to read in the Media Center he found money laying on the ground. It was found outside of our Holiday House where students can shop for gifts for family and friends. Instead of keeping the money Jessup immediately took it to me in the office. I am very proud of him for being honest and doing the right thing."

- Paige Hinton-Franciotti, of Lehigh Acres, is a third-grade student at Veterans Park Academy for the Arts.

Veterans Park Academy for the Arts pre-kindergarten teacher Marie Price wrote that "as the person chairing our school campaign to raise money for autism research, I became aware that Paige was making autism awareness bracelets, selling them and donating the money to the local 'Walk Now for Autism Speaks' event. For such a young person to take on such responsibility and initiative, I think that she deserves recognition."

- Aiyanna Roman, of Lehigh Acres, is an eighth-grade student at Lehigh Acres Middle School.

Lehigh Acres Middle School, school resource officer, Deputy Jevon Matthews wrote that "Aiyanna Roman and Octaviano Castro (honored last month) noticed two stray canines on the school campus. The dogs were beginning to cause a distraction as students were entering school and arriving on campus. Aiyanna was very helpful in assisting me with securing the dogs in a safe place until Lee Animal Control arrived on the scene. Aiyanna went above and beyond what was expected of her. She demonstrated maturity, responsibility and helpfulness in her actions. She should be rewarded as she 'did the right thing' that day."

- Leondra Mark, of Lehigh Acres, is a 10th-grade student at Lehigh Senior High School.

- Cassandra Brunson, of Lehigh Acres, is a 10th-grade student at Lehigh Senior High School.

Lehigh Senior High School, school resource officer Deputy Chris Poppalardo wrote that "Leondra and Cassandra found a debit card in the courtyard of the school. Leondra and Cassandra immediately turned the card in to school officials. These students represented the school in a positive manner that sometimes goes unnoticed. We are so proud of them and their actions."

- Isabella Quiles-Rosa, of Lehigh Acres, is a senior at Lehigh Senior High School.

Lehigh Senior High School, school resource officer Deputy Chris Poppalardo wrote that "Isabella has shown the students at Lehigh Senior High School the true meaning of Christmas. Isabella took care of the task of providing Christmas to a whole class of Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students. Some of the students in the class, if not for Isabella, would not have had Christmas. Isabella organized Secret Santa, and got people to make donations for gifts through Facebook. Isabella, in what she accomplished, embodies the true meaning of the holiday."

- Omar Eddine Madhar, of Lehigh Acres, is a ninth-grade student at Lehigh Senior High School.

Lehigh Senior High School, school resource officer Deputy Chris Poppalardo wrote that "after the lunch bell rang, Omar approached me and handed me an I-Phone 4 cellular telephone. He stated that someone had dropped the telephone. Omar's actions prevented the telephone from getting damaged or stolen. He represented himself and the school in high esteem."



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