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Questions why church helping people through flea markets was told to shut them down

April 2, 2014
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Every day we read about man's inhumanity to man. We see it on television. We are bombarded with tales of evil and suffering. Is Lehigh Acres to join with people who wantonly disregard issues that assist, yet accept issues that destroy?

It appears a decision is up to us.

You will hang your heads in shame, Lehigh Acres, if we do nothing. Helping those who need the help must never be forgotten. It appears that there are some in our midst who do not respect and promote the Golden Rule. No one wants to be called "needy" and no wants to be considered poor. However, facts speak for themselves. Yes, it is our responsibility to help those who need our help.

Why, oh why should the flea markets that the First Community Congregational Church on Leland Heights Blvd. have been holding on their parking lot be forbidden, as reported in a recent edition of The Lehigh Acres Citizen?

Why, oh why do the many people who need foods to promote their health and well-being no longer be able to get these services? Every week day the lines are long; the need is great; others depend on us in their time of need. Can we ignore those whose very lives depends on us?

We all are creatures of God. We all must take care of each other. We cannot allow a few to destroy the many.

The church gets its funds from their flea markets in order to continue the services and assistance they provide.

Many of our citizenship will suffer, be hungry, and wonder why we have let them down.

I say "let them down" because that is exactly what we will be doing if we stop the church's ability to have the necessary funds to continue their mission.

Don't allow this to happen.

As God's creatures we must stand up and should a resounding NO; we must help our brothers and sisters. We will not forget them

Shirley Stevens

Lehigh Acres



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