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Clawson address what he calls ‘negative politics’

April 9, 2014
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

When I decided to run for Congress, several people told me to watch out for all the lies that the other candidates and their Super PACs would tell about me.

Well, it is safe to say that I didn't realize the race would get this negative. Pretty much everything has now been said about me, most of which isn't true. Let me quickly address a few of them:

- I am pro-life and always have been pro-life. I am a person of faith. I learned my pro-life values from my mother.

- Hayes was $2.2 billion in debt before I was hired to run the company. It already had big safety problems before I got there. I was hired to solve problems that I didn't create.

- We never received a government bailout. The pension guarantee is an insurance program much like the FDIC. It receives zero taxpayer funds. During its restructuring Hayes established trusts for retiree medical benefits. These trusts were funded entirely by the company and received zero taxpayer funds.

We hoped this campaign would be run on the issues, and that the advertising would be interesting and even funny. That is why we launched the campaign in the Super Bowl by challenging President Obama to a three-point contest. We thought it was funny, and a little self-depreciating in that we were focusing on basketball.

We also thought it was important to run a campaign based on the issues. That is why we released a very detailed Economic Growth Plan, and ran ads touting our Growth Plan, and combining our Growth Plan with the Penny Plan. The combination of economic growth policies and cutting government spending would lead to an economic boom in this country.

I hope you will make your readers will make a decision who to vote for by comparing my plans for growth and cutting spending with the plans of the other campaigns. I say this sort of tongue in cheek because the other candidates haven't released plans for growth or to cut spending. All they do is run negative ads attacking me.

As I write this, none of my opponents have any positive ads on the air. None. The only ads they have on the air are lies addressed previously in this letter. I find that very unfortunate. Sad. And even disturbing. They have nothing positive to say about neither themselves nor their plans for the future. I am a big boy. I can handle the negative nature of politics today, but I would hope they would say something positive about themselves.

If they aren't going to listen to me, maybe they will listen to my mother.

Perhaps you have seen our most recent positive ad that is a little lighter hearted. These career politicians who only run negative ads, and don't have anything positive to say about themselves need to learn some of my mamma's lessons.

"They are grounded!"

Together, we can change the direction of this country.

Curt Clawson

Curt Clawson is a candidate in the special election to fill the 19th Congressional seat that was vacated by Trey Radel. Part of Lehigh Acres is included in the 19th Congressional District.



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