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U.S. District 19 race is filled with disgust, slander and negativity

April 16, 2014
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Will our 2014 vote be marginalized by the obscene amounts of money that now will be spent to elect our new representatives? The source of money will influence how they will vote on issues.

Each and every election becomes more and more expensive because of the cost of TV advertising (both negative and positive ads). Representatives' need of more and more cash indirectly will cause more and more corruption. Our elected representatives will vote the issues in a way that favors their donors, not their constituents.

Our new laws favoring corporations with the rights of people - new rulings that super PACs can donate to an unlimited number of to individual candidates, will determine a winner by who outspends, who out-advertises. Sadly, the media also affects how voters cast their ballot, even by influencing voters to stay home because voters feel their candidate cannot win.

Money will speak louder than the voting public. This is not what was intended by our founding fathers in "we the people."

The solution is public funding for all to equalize the playing field. Another solution that would help is a four-year term for the U.S. House Representatives, to break this endless fund-raising cycle.

In Lee County, we are witness to a primary race in U.S. House District 19 that is disgusting with slander and negativity, I hope I never see another like it again! The voters who have voiced disapproval must show their disgust by voting on November 4, 2014, for a candidate who will work for all the people - not just the big spenders.

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres



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