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Voters should not trade democracy for an oligarchy

May 21, 2014
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

(By definition, oligarchy is all the economic and political power vested in the United States resting with the one percent billionaires. Prevent the 1 percent from taking over our country.)

Why is the voice of each and every American needed in the 2014? This is because the astronomical contributions in the big money game have already begun. Leading up to the special election on June 24, 2014, one candidate has already spent $2.5 million just to buy a primary win.

We must conclude whoever spends those amounts of personal plus PAC contributions is buying the election. Lee County voters are urged to turn out for early voting on June 14 through the 21 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the U.S. House District 19 race.

Lehigh Acres voters should all be extra careful to vote for those who truly represent our economic interests and those who will vote accordingly.

Players on the local scenes are joined by millions of dollars from the Koch Brothers in order to control local races in different places around the country. It has been said that we now have three parties in this country, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the Koch Brothers Party. We also have corporations able to donate unlimited amounts of money. Special interest PACs can and do influence legislators with huge donations. Are the voices of the people drowning in this sea of money?

Here is how "We the People" must try to take back our government.

* Registering new voters is critical.

* All voters for President Obama are urged to vote in 2014.

* All young voters are urged to vote in 2014.

* All women are urged to vote in 2014.

* All seniors are urged to vote in 2014.

* All voters interested in immigration reform must vote in 2014.

* All the voters who did not vote in 2010 are strongly urged to turnout in 2014.

All incumbents' records should be carefully reviewed to assess if they voted for the good of their constituents or for party ideas. Many of our legislators cast votes that are systematically destroying the middle class and balancing the budget with cuts to the poor.

If "We the People" don't take back our country now in 2014, later may be too late. We may have traded our democracy for an oligarchy.

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres



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