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Obama’s trading of five Taliban leaders was wrong

June 18, 2014
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Some might think I am heartless! I am not! I have family in the military, retired and at the present time. I see the stress and health issues they deal with every day.

I am proud of all of them, but this is what I want answered from our officials, why did Bowe Bergdahl disobey orders? This young man needs to answer questions on why he disobeyed orders; he needs consequences for his own selfish stupidity - and not just a, "oh shoot.

"You suffered enough! He left his post!"

I want to know why President Obama felt five really bad guys were the right choices to be released so this young man can come home. I don't believe the nonsense that Bowe Bergdahl was very ill at all. When and where do the lies stop?

What are the political gains? I will never believe we will monitor the prisoners released by Obama properly for the next two years. They will do more harm.

I can feel his mother's happiness, pain and heartache. She has her son still. He is coming home - then again other mothers lost theirs for "just because."

This young man was not happy with his military life as it was. My family went to Afghanistan and they did not whine to their mom back home or in my case his wife.

Our guys in his outfit were trying to find him. Some gave the ultimate. Others followed orders. This young man will have a connection to these families for the rest of his life.

I would call this release a straight flush. The bad guys' hand won, while ours folded. The price was too high. We have lost some honor here because this administration feels they don't have to follow our laws - some they do and some not.

Congress should have had 30 days' notice before the release was made. Who can say they may have had valuable insight into bringing this young man home.

Americans will be targets again.

The Taliban knows more about this administration's weaknesses, and where their honor lies.

It was a weak decision to fold this way. May all of our military stay alert.

God bless them all. My motto would be trust no one. Your families love you, but in my opinion Bowe Bergdahl is not a hero. He walked away from his country's values. He served dishonorably - he disgraced our military family on a whole. We the military families all over the world though will stand strong and survive.

Terry Spry

Lehigh Acres



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