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Postal News: Postmaster general optimistic on mailing industry opportunities

October 1, 2014
By PHIL WIEBOLD , Lehigh Acres Citizen

In a state of the business address to postal customers, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer Patrick R. Donahoe gave an upbeat assessment of the opportunities facing the mailing industry.

"With all of the changes occurring in the way people communicate, mail is proving to be an especially resilient marketing channel, and its value to America's businesses is increasing due to better data and technology integration," Donahoe said. "When you combine these important technology-driven changes with the strength we're starting to see in the economy, there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about mail's role in America's marketing mix."

"The Postal Service is making great strides with the rich data we provide to our customers," Donahoe said. "We are enhancing our products and services based on a much stronger data and technology platform, and that is driving a lot of exciting opportunities for America's marketers and businesses."

The Postal Service is currently enabling a smarter delivery system through technology investments that include geo-fencing - creating a digital address - for every delivery location in America, and providing letter carriers with greatly enhanced mobile delivery devices.

These investments provide better delivery accuracy and visibility, and enable enhanced product and delivery offerings - such as package redirect and Priority Mail features that include free insurance, tracking and date-specified delivery.

"Businesses are getting very savvy about integrating and combining mailing data with data from other marketing channels, especially digital," Donahoe said. "When you marry those data streams, businesses can create much more effective offerings and get a much better return on mail, especially when used as part of integrated marketing campaigns. All of this is driving a fresh look at the power and value of mail."

Donahoe identified four key strategies to enhance the value of mail: making mail pieces more personally relevant to the recipient, more actionable in terms of enabling speed to purchase, more functional by embedding technology, such as QR codes in mail pieces, and making mail more creative by using more color and design.

The postmaster general also discussed ongoing improvements to Postal Service mail processing, delivery and retail operations, and the urgent need for comprehensive legislation to enable further needed delivery fleet and package sorting equipment purchases.

Phil Wiebold is a spokeswoman for U.S. Postal Service.



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