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March 15, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Republicans increase power and so it seems, but why?

When the Obama administration was in full swing the mainstream media was singing the praises of the Democratic Party. The Democrats are the "savior" of this country. But it was not true. Companies fled to other countries because of wage differences and benefit commitments to their workers. And so the country lost. In spite of the positive attitude that the MSM was positing, the working class families knew the truth of the matter. Their wages were shrinking, the economy was stagnant and they were being told that all this is good. Then, a new economic song was being sung by someone who really knew how all this money business worked. And the people listened. The media took every opportunity to denigrate this movement that was growing in numbers and therefore in political power as a result.

It is said that some of the greatest brainwashers are those that preach religion but that has been usurped by the mainstream media.

However, whereas the Democrats had a hard and fast grip on this medium another dragon was awakening to be a rallying figure in opposition. It came in the form of Donald Trump: a man who did not need the money, but who had beliefs, and an ego strong enough to wage political war against the liberals and their propaganda lemmings. And he spoke and was heard. He gave hope to the citizens in the form of proposed actions; actions that rang loud and clear. Clearly, it was time to ring that bell.

And now the fear is setting in and the farthingale of media power diminishes each day for the Democrats. It is time for the media to appreciate the freedom it enjoys in this country and begin to be the driving force for the good of its citizens. Civil strife has unforeseen outcomes, even the winner suffers incredible wounds.

It is OK to tell the truth.

Joseph L. Kibitlewski

Cape Coral



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