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Trump is a danger

March 22, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

What do you think of Donald Trump? Here's what I think. Donald Trump is a lying, swindling, bungling, neanderthal charlatan blowhard who is very often delusional and paranoid. He is an uneducated (no MBA or law degree) con man who suffers severely from narcissistic personality disorder (look it up, Trump is the NPD poster child).

The man says he's worth $10 billion. (That's $10,000 million) Impossible. His father, Fred, owned 40,000 apartments at the same time Donald was in his early 30s working for dad as Forbes magazine printed he and his father evenly split a $200 million fortune. Most of Trump's projects were mismanaged failures with overburdening debt. However, he did have a few successful projects. Projects where his father's money and contacts saved the deals, or where he paid himself off with millions in fees while leaving investors nothing (check out his failed casinos).

Trump, having so few successful deals, could not be worth more than a couple hundred million dollars. I'm sure it is barely enough to pay for his airplane and helicopters for flaunting himself. This is why he doesn't publicly release his income taxes.

Very few business people have expressed how good it was to do business with Trump or how much money they made with Trump.

His inability to empathize or tolerate views different from his own cause him to behave as an undisciplined and ignorant child who is easily angered and belligerent (Not a good business partner. Not a good people manager. Check out his 3,500 lawsuits).

Tweeting is not a good way to communicate.

His presidency is an extreme danger to our country's security and freedom. He is irresponsible and incompetent as president, an embarrassment to our country and should be removed from office.

Brad Turek

Cape Coral



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