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Lies, chaos, deflection and bad legislation

April 5, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Just what is our government doing? We the people wanted good government, and we elected villains. Everything is in constant turmoil. There's chaos - attacking the news media, irresponsible tweets that upend the current daily problem (and create another one). President Trump has no idea how to lead a government or staff it successfully. He has to learn to grasp policy, not tweet one-liners, as we saw with the recent TrumpCare legislation.

Quality is gone in Washington, D.C. Is this clearing the swamp, by chasing a few alligators but letting the crocodiles and piranhas feed unfettered? Consider just a few Cabinet-level appointments:

- The Education Secretary determined to destroy public education.

- The Labor Secretary who shows no interest in protecting workers.

- The Environmental Protection Agency leader who is destroying the regulations that have made our air, water and land safer and cleaner.

- The Secretary of Commerce who hails from a Cyprus bank hip-deep in scandal over Russian money laundering.

- A Health Secretary who, as a lawmaker, sponsored legislation that benefitted his own investments.

- And an Attorney General who lied to Congress.

If these things bother you, plan to protest and become active in your community. Call your Congressmember (202-224-3121). If you don't know who is your representative, look them up at:

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres



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