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Rule of law undermined by nuclear option politics

April 5, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Sen. Schumer's announcement of a filibuster has guaranteed the nuclear option. Not to be confused with the name given to changing Senate rules when it comes to Supreme Court nominations, rather the nuking of an independent judiciary and the law.

The announcement sets a dangerous precedent; if the opposing party controls the White House and presents a Supreme Court nominee of a philosophy that differs from your party, no matter how qualified, the party should filibuster.

In announcing the filibuster, Sen. Schumer is gambling on Senate Republicans keeping their word and amending Senate rules to allow a Supreme Court nominee to pass with a simple majority, almost ensuring a partisan vote. It will only be a matter of time before the Supreme Court issues a decision that Democrats oppose, and Sen. Schumer's gamble will have paid off. Sen. Schumer will decry the decision as illegitimate and nothing more than the work of a Republican special interest Supreme Court.

The tone for this was set during the confirmation process when Democrats on the Judiciary Committee consistently referenced decisions they opposed as those of the Roberts Court in an attempt to discredit not only the decisions but the Supreme Court.

By undermining the Supreme Court's independence, they undermine the decisions of the court to which they are opposed; but more dangerous yet, they undermine the rule of law. This is the nuclear option, and Sen. Schumer has pressed the launch button.

Andrew Sund

Cape Coral



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