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Problems not being corrected

May 10, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Over the last month we have had informal meetings in our area, and the consensus of Lee County and law enforcement is that the problems are being corrected.

So with that said, we will not be calling the Lee County sheriff or commissioners any further. We no longer are going to call on the problems - it is a waste of our time and effort. It is your job and we are no longer going to be doing anything as this seems to be a complete waste of time.

Most of us are also talking of moving out of Lehigh Acres because, and I quote, "Why live in a crime-ridden community when Naples is looking better or better yet move back up north?"

For some of you, this is a relief and good - we got them to stop complaining - but don't believe this in a single second. When a house in our neighborhood screams for help every night, we stopped calling about this; when the fires are out of control, well boys and girls, don't count on us to call because the community has stopped doing your job.

In closing, "See Something, Say Something" means nothing.

This is for LCSO Capt. (Robert) Gizzi: You can be appalled, but as a citizen and taxpayer and voter I am not appalled - just part of how business is conducted in Florida.

Lee County Commissioner (Cecil) Pendergrass, this for you: You are the only one who does anything and really cares.

Where is Commissioner (Frank) Mann, but better yet where is (John) Manning, (Larry) Kiker and (Brian) Hamman?

Remember Sheriff (Mike) Scott, your calls are going to go down.

Maybe more time for Dunkin' Donuts. What do you think? Or better yet, Perkins in Lehigh. Because that is where most of your deputies are spending their time.

Eric Engelhart

Lehigh Acres



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