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Obamacare is a failure

May 24, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Cries for keeping Obamacare proves that the attack by the news media and the left is motivated by animus against conservatives. Obamacare cannot continue to exists even if left alone. It is dying of its own construction.

Obamacare cost billions on a federal level just to implement. Startup in Minnesota alone costs hundreds of millions and then it didn't work and had to be redone.

Aetna, Amana and United Health are just a few of the companies getting out of the Obamacare business. This leaves some states such as Virginia and Iowa with only one choice. Obamacare is becoming a monopoly market and that means unbridled high prices.

In Minnesota an additional $360 million is being provided by taxpayers so that just 123,000 can afford Obamacare and that is not expected to be enough.

The claim that Obamacare has added 24 million to the insured ranks is a bogus number. Half of those have been added to Medicaid, leaving a very small 12 million new insured. Forty million were promised.

The CBO estimated an enormous cost for 11 years at $1.76 trillion. That would pay $500 a month premiums for 27 million people for 11 years. It would have been much better to have expanded Medicaid than complicate our health system so badly and create today's dilemma.

Granted our health care system was broken but Obamacare only made it worse. Democrats should be eager to fix their failure instead of stooping so low as to use professional protestors, reject free speech, and use scathing malicious speech threatening the ability of this country to be governed.

Of major concern is the Fourth Estate. A free press was an integral part of our development as a country. The purpose was to hold government accountable, not to join one side and act as an attack dog against the other side. But alas now a predominant number of the Fourth Estate has openly joined ranks with the Democrats to use whatever means they can find to attack efforts to solve the many problems left by the Obama administration.

Political aggression like military aggression leaves a path of destruction and lowers society to a painful level. There will be no winners. The losers will be the American taxpayers.

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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