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I don’t like what I see, hear!

May 31, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Politics as usual? Hardly, the way I would describe the past few weeks. In my memory, I do never recall so much disgrace, so many scandals, so many people involved in cover ups, and so much bad partisan legislation. Are we totally void of patriotism? We the people, must demand answers starting with events before the Nov. 8, 2016, election. That will take time and more scandals are yet to come. Did we just see the tip of an iceberg? While we wait for a solution, how much, do we as a country, endure of President Trump's lack of presidential behavior?

Examples: Rude Tweeting, lies and more lies, disclosures of secret intell endangering sources and lives, waging war with the free press, disrespectful of foreign leaders, rudeness and crudeness. Enough of those items, but the president constantly praises Putin while Putin invades Ukraine, steals Crimea for a seaport, bombs the rebel forces we support in Syria and supports Assad's government. All good reasons not to want Russia meddling in our elections.

Investigations by Robert Moeller, special counsel for the Trump/Russia investigations and both Congressional and Senate intell committees, will go forward but not fast enough.

While all of the above hangs waiting for answers, Congress passed a disgraceful health care bill called American Health Care Act, AHCA. If passed in the senate, 14 million people will lose coverage by 2018. By 2026 it is estimated that a total of 23 million people will lose coverage. This new bill will be responsible in real terms adversely affecting seniors, people with pre-existing conditions, drug and mental health patients, people with disabilities.

People without any coverage will be back to using emergency rooms. Rural and small hospitals and nursing homes may be forced to close with the estimated cutbacks in Medicaid funding. Down the road this could cost jobs in areas that may not offer any other job opportunities.

The savings realized from cutting Medicaid is 8.8 billion, which happens to be the exact tax break given to the 2 percent of the wealthiest taxpayers in our country! This is why we had to do health care first, the tax reform second.

The worry about health care is heavy load on people's mind and in many cases affects them financially. Meanwhile, back at the Whitehouse, Trump promises everything with the latest version of "trickle down."

We the people must protest protest resist.

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres



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