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Abuse of free speech ignored

June 7, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

In March, 400 people had a Trump rally in St. Paul, Minn. One hundred and twenty-five protesters showed up, 10 of whom were dressed in black with masks. They used chemical sprays, fireworks, fists and stun guns to attack the attendees. A few were arrested as they were trying to escape. One of them was Woody Kaine, the son of Sen. Kaine of Virginia. He is now facing charges.

There are numerous examples of conservative speakers invited to public-funded universities. They are often drowned out or even accosted by those on the left. In Berkeley, there was a riot with a great deal of damage due to fires and vandalism by masked professionals.

These are only a couple examples of violence perpetrated by the left and accepted by Democratic leaders. Sen. Kaine has not made a statement on his son's participation.

This activity has similarities to the Brown Shirts (later called the SS), a group that prevented anyone who was not pro-Hitler from speaking or campaigning for their candidate. Can you imagine free speech and assembly being prevented in America?

Note that the mainstream media seldom covers these outrageous infringements on our rights by the left. How can we not believe that the mainstream media have taken sides? They have 24 hour news when a Republican in Montana loses his cool and puts his hands on a reporter but minimum coverage of repeat constitutional violations.

What could be more damaging to our democracy than Brown Shirt tactics being ignored by the mainstream media?

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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