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Mayors unite

June 21, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Recently, SWFL Indivisible group submitted a letter to the mayors and city council members of Cape Coral and Fort Myers, as well as each Lee County commissioner urging them to unite with the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda. That letter states:

In November of 2016, nearly every nation in the world, with the exception of Syria and Nicaragua, entered into a historic agreement on climate change. The Paris Agreement is an unparalleled climate accord, which aims to slow down the worldwide temperature increase. Despite the consensus among 98% of scientists that drastic human behavior changes must be made in order to save our planet from inescapable extinction, President Trump declared that he intends to withdraw the United States from the agreement. It is our sincere hope that you will follow the numerous mayors and governors across the country who have chosen to support this pact. Moving forward on this with the strength of our states and municipal governments, is what will truly protect America, and the world.

There are many moral reasons to uphold the Paris Agreement. These include: saving our planet for future generations, improving our present quality of life with cleaner air and water, and reducing environmental health risks for our citizens and visitors. Putting principles aside, upholding this agreement as a city and county is not without economic benefit. Southwest Florida is geographically prime for being a leader in the growth of renewable energy, including geothermal, solar, and wind power. The allure of these industries would draw companies from around the globe to our region, and allow Southwest Florida to be a leader in what is the ultimate path of energy in our world. Furthermore, we need not mention the importance of our unique habitat to the tourism sector of our economy (although perhaps the home and business owners on U.S. 41 would like ocean front property some day). The job opportunities, including high paying positions in the energy sector, are what Southwest Florida needs in order to ensure a sustainable and relevant economy.

As you may know, Lee, Charlotte and Collier counties are among the top 20 fastest growing metro areas in the country. With this growth, how are we to sustain ourselves economically or environmentally? This makes it even more imperative to complement our growth by making efforts to achieve and surpass the goals of the Paris Agreement. Achieving these targets is healthy for our planet, nation, state, and all of southwest Florida. We implore you to connect and unite with the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda. Our vision should be: when Americans, world citizens, and future generations think of healthy environments, we want them to think of Southwest Florida.

Allison Lund and Brad Karpel

SWFL Indivisible



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