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Become informed before crying for more gun control

July 5, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Lewis Robinson wrote about gun control. He stated when he was practicing medicine he asked patients if there was a firearm in the home. Every home I have ever lived in almost 82 years never once did I hear that question. And every place I have ever lived since I was born has had firearms in it.

In the army overseas I had a M.1.30 cal carbine and a 45 cal pistol, both fully loaded next to my bunk in a rack every night. In the U.S.there is approximately 310 million guns in civilian hands. The worst president this country has ever had, Obama, was the No 1 gun seller because of his attitude about guns in 2013. An estimated 20.9 million guns were made and sold as people thought he was going to try to stop sales and people that never had one were buying their first gun.

I would like to know the letter writer's source of information about number of deaths from guns. I will use the mayor of Detroit Mich as an example .He has urged the people of Detroit to buy a gun if they do not have one. If somebody tries to break in your home the police will not be able to respond in time.

I'm not sure what is meant about an active fire zone. If he means one or more of the lowlife people that want to ambush a police officer and there are other police there or arriving, it would be stupid for a civilian to interfere as the police have no idea of who you are and you would probably get shot. The bad guy beating the hell out of a sheriff deputy shot by the guy from Bonita Springs got just exactly what he deserved from a civilian with a gun and permit.

I will bet most Democrats would turn tail and run if they saw what was taking place and try to call the police; like they would get there in time. Guns are used more than 50 times more often to protect a life then take one. In the UK kitchen knifes are being used in as many as half of all stabbings. This has prompted a group of doctors to call for a ban on long pointed kitchen knives. What's next - eat your steak with your fingers? In 1982 Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law requiring heads of all house holds to keep a least one firearm in the house. Guess what - the burglary rate dropped 89 percent in Kennesaw. It is still 85 percent lower then the rest of Georgia or the national average.

If you are wanting gun control then get the people carrying illegal guns on their person. A good start would be the drug trade and prostitution and have judges quit letting illegal gun carriers off with a hand slap and do not do it again. Yeah, right!!!

One last thing. I'm not saying everybody should have a gun by any means. If you have one then practice with it a couple times a month until you can handle the noise and recoil with no problem. There are nice indoor ranges in Lee County. Learn everything about your gun so you take it apart and keep it clean.

In Florida, as of May 2017 the number of concealed carry permits is 1,755.580 and growing every day. I have had a gun save my life three times. Once overseas by a so- called friendly Chinese soldier in the '50s. Once in a home I was renting outside city limits in Mineral Wells, Texas 1958 and a third time here in Cape Coral in 1970 while I was fishing in the north Cape.

One last thing. As a deplorable Republican in a basket by (belongs in jail) Clinton and, as she stated, all N.R.A's 5,400.000 members are her enemy, I am a proud member of the N.R.A., don't knock it until you understand it. Borrow a magazine about the N.R.A. and you just might get informed.

Richard Wallace

Cape Coral



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