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Just the facts

July 5, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

I feel for Jim Healy. He has lived under the light of Obama and now he lives under the darkness of Trump. Everything happening is bad and it is all Trumps' fault. The East Coast political news and the West Coast political entertainment would certainly make you feel that way if you took them seriously. Coincidentally, they are all rich centers - New York, Washington DC and Hollywood.

The letter echoed the East and West Coast liberal thought. showing a strong dislike, even animosity against anything Republican and especially the person of Trump. Missing are specifics, examples or evidence.

It would be good to hear what "chaos overseas" means and how Trump changed the world in just 150 days. Or how the top 2 percent will be better off under Trump!

The rich have just enjoyed the greatest increase of income ever under Obama while the middle class received a cut. Is Trump's unannounced tax plan going to set a new record? No bill has been submitted to Congress to my knowledge.

A conclusion, like a roof, requires a building of facts. Remember Joe Friday? "Just the facts"!

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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