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It is the media’s fault

July 12, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

There's absolutely no mystery why President Trump continues to tweet his messages as opposed to talking to the American people through the main-stream media. It's all about trust and in this case, unfairness, despicable behavior, and distrust.

The media, with its presentations of fake news and distorted views has, time and again, twisted the president's message and reported lies, in an attempt to make President Trump look bad. No president in history has been attacked this viciously and maligned over and over again simply because he was victorious over the idiots' choice for the office.

Factually, President Trump won the White House because America was hurting. Eight years of decline, at home and around the world, had left the nation weakened physically and morally.

Our veterans had been mistreated. Our cities were burning. Our borders were non-existent. Our babies were being murdered in the womb, and the sale of body parts had become a new industry. Obama Care was a disaster, ready to collapse. We were the laughing stock around the world while the White House and the Washington elite wallowed in the muck, in what is now known as the "swamp."

Donald Trump promised to "make America great again" and for this the un-American media lies and falsifies everything he says.

Of course, in order to reach the American people with his true reflections he speaks to us directly through the tweets. I'd say this is an ingenuously good idea!

Now let's get to what has been called, his attacks on main-stream media individuals.

President Trump is not the initiator of these battles, he's the counter-puncher. The president is a tough guy who will not sit idly by while media morons say things that are punches below the belt and un-called for. This president, in his short time in office, has served notice on the world that if you dare to hit him or attack the United States of America, he will strike back twice as hard.

And thank God he has the fortitude to follow through! It's called "guts" and we should salute Donald Trump for bringing honesty, respectability, hope and decency back to Washington and the White House.

As for the main stream media, if you don't like Donald Trump punching back, stop starting the fight and keep your dopey mouths shut. It's absolutely "presidential" to fight any battle to win ... and he will!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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