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Missing critical health issues

July 19, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

We are focused on Obamacare and the proposed new health care plan, but are we missing critical issues with our health? Our medical care system and our food are encompassed with land mines and misdirection that are costing lives and handicapping people in many ways.

A recent article stated that 60 percent of all surgeries are unnecessary and 9 percent of all deaths are the result of hospital errors. Unnecessary surgeries likely cause deaths and other problems that would not have occurred except for the surgeries.

Medications are used like candy and are creating enormous issues for our health. As you hear during drug advertisements, the side effects are everything from uncomfortable to deadly. Some people have become handicapped for life from medications. Often the medical profession's guidelines for the need for medication are recommended by the pharmaceutical companies. Often a home remedy is just as effective and cost pennies.

Then we add our chemically-treated food that includes preservatives (they kill our digestive bacteria), color chemicals and taste chemicals. Our bodies are delicate chemical factories that are adversely affected by uncomplimentary chemicals.

We live in a modern age that encourages us to take the easy route instead of disciplined diet and resting until we are well. Instead we ingest symptom-masking chemicals causing many additional and long-lasting problems.

Perhaps we should be more focused on these dangerous but common problems with our health.

John Benedict

Cape Coral



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