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August 2, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

As sure as the sun will come up tomorrow morning, the Republicans will be talking about their wonderful health care bill, which will create jobs for us all. I'm sure they will not mention the fact that they are kicking 24 million citizens off of the health care rolls they presently have. That's all they have been talking about for years. Well, not the throw-grandma-over-the-cliff part anyways. This line of BS is baked into who they are. I guess they figure that if they perpetuate this lie long enough and scream it loud enough somebody will actually believe this chapter of their hymn book. Notice that I didn't say anything about the truth, just that they're screaming about their bill. They have one very large problem, history and the truth does not bear out their claims. I do wish the next time they come to the table of public opinion to make their false claims about their misguided platform that promises jobs for all and a GDP of 3 percent.

I brought a few facts to the table taken right out of the history books for everyone's review:

- During Ronald Reagan's two terms 16,131,000 jobs were created.

- During George H.W. Bush's one term 1,917,000 jobs were created.

- During Bill Clinton's two terms 23,620,000 jobs were created.

- During George W. Bush's two terms 1,348,000 jobs were created.

- During Barack Obama's two terms 11,501,000 jobs were created.

I don't know if the Republicans can handle any more facts, however, they need to digest the following to really round out this discussion about their great economic plan and health care for all.

When Bush left office the GDP was a dismal -2.8 percent, that's not a typo. It was -2.8. When Obama left office the GDP was at a meek 1.6 percent. That could have been much higher except for the Republican pledge to stop everything Obama. Not only hurting Obama, but choking off the entire nation from moving forward. Real nice of them, don't you think?

Now with these numbers in hand, can anyone in their right mind explain to me how they can propose a health care bill that assumes a 3 percent GDP to make everything work? It's just not going to happen!

In closing let me point out two, not so talked about facts in our financial history, going back 100 years.

- The 1929 depression was directly caused by the Republican belief in their trickledown platform and then executed by a Republican president.

- The Great Recession of 2008 was a direct reflection of the failure of the Republican trickledown theory.

This con job has been tried over and over again, however, it never works. Why you might ask? Well, to put it truthfully and honestly it's called greed. The money is injected at the very top in the form of tax breaks and corporate welfare. Instead of using this money to stimulate the economy as per the Republican's claim. This blood money simply stays at the top to go toward whatever the rich see fit. Oh, maybe let's start with a brand new yacht. How's their grand plan working for you?

Jobs-jobs-jobs, oh where are the jobs?

Jim Healy

North Fort Myers



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