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Culture of racism and oppression

August 23, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

I appreciate the ongoing discussion by Lee County Commission Frank Mann and Mr. Jame Muwakkil, Lee County NAACP president. However, the changes brought about were inadequate concerning the portrait of Robert E, Lee. The change is in no way revolutionary. In fact, it is not even evolutionary. This amounts to a switch from a fudge brownie to a brownie.

This is a time when we need real change. Changes that will bring changes in culture. Oppression, racism, violence will no longer be tolerated in America.

There is a time for war, a time for peace, but is there a place for peace? Will we allow for that time and place? We are certainly at a low point in America. I don't think we could go much deeper if we think of what happened to politics and the election and the 2016 campaign. Most of the elements of justice, progress, hope and peace in America were neglected. Replace, bury those elements of division.

We embolden, teach and applaud the culture of hate, violence and oppression. Sadly, much of this is carried out through the institution of government. The elements, ornaments that facilitating these behaviors should not be displayed in or supported by government. Nor should they be allowed in places supported by taxes (including titles, for example Lee County).

We should no longer have segregated communities and segregated schools. We should no longer have educational inequalities. The culture of racism in Florida is nurtured by these practices we continue, and many are institutional practices.

Perhaps you and I will soon no longer have to face the embarrassment that occurs when your child sees a person of a different race in the checkout line and respond as if they are seeing a Martian. We know that this is a reflection of the environment we create and the lessons we give.

There can be no change, no peace until we stop teaching bad things.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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