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Plants did not need to go

August 30, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Since my husband and I moved to our current location, we have enjoyed the use of Trailhead Park in Lehigh. We especially enjoyed watching the meadow change with the seasons and were looking forward to seeing the new growth with the end of the dry season last year.

However, someone wrote a letter to the editor saying that the park was not well maintained, so soon after the whole meadow was cut down. I was devastated, because we were unable to enjoy the full change of nature and the beautiful wildflowers in the year's time.

This year, a gentleman was enjoying planting some vegetables around the trees near one of the pavilions for all of us to enjoy. He worked hard every day taking care of it, keeping it weeded and carrying water from the canal in a small jar to water it. Then, the unthinkable (to me) happened - the vegetables were mowed/weedeaten down!

What kind of thinking is this? There were so many of us, who regularly use the park, who were enjoying his venture and watching the plants come to maturity. So pleasant to watch them grow and he would always take pleasure in saying that this was for everyone to enjoy! So I ask, Why? Why was it destroyed?

Please, whoever is in charge, think things through! It wasn't someone's personal garden that took up a large patch of the grassy area! It was a little spot around a couple of trees! What harm had been caused? It was beautiful and well kept!

Linda Handley

Lehigh Acres



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