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Let the blame games begin

August 30, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

I think this business about Trump's lies and his administration's constant barrage of alternate facts has finally caught up with this loser of a President the Republicans have given us. I say this because when you tell a lie and it becomes blatantly obvious to one and all that you have promised something that you know in advance you cannot deliver on, well now it's time to find some poor soul to blame your failures on. You know, who is to blame for all of this nonsense that has occurred, in Trump's case his answer is always an unequivocal "not me." Everyone does understand that Trump and his party do have control of the House, the Senate and the White House. Enough fire power to jam through anything they want. What happened?

This brief outline of events I've put forth has been used time and time again throughout history. Let's take a quick look at a real whopper of the "blame the other guy mentality." Back in 645 AD that's 1,372 years ago folks, after 70 percent of Rome had burned down, the emperor Nero, who was a decadent, unpopular emperor, also an ineffectual leader. (Sound like someone we now call President?) This buffoon blamed the Christians for the fire of which he was accused of starting himself. Oh, and one other parallel, the scorched earth which was left after the fire, he used to expand his own private wing of the royal living quarters.

I do believe that our own buffoon of a President is getting away with exactally the same kind of thievery, only this time the Republican Congress is allowing this to happen right under their noses.

Let us take a look at the top blame game contestants put forward by Donald Trump:

- When the repeal and replace bill was not approved by the Senate, Trump not only blamed Congress, the Democrats, (the Democrats-can you believe it?) and Mitch McConnell, but also blamed the rules of the Senate. The same rules that have been used for decades. I ask you where was Trump, the "the best deal maker of all time," during these battles in the Senate? Other than a few calls to some Senators, only the sound of a tweeter machine humming away in the middle of the night from the White House.

- What ever happened to the "wall" and Mexico paying for it? Well, right now Trump has got the $2.6 million to "start" the wall coming from the tax reform bill which has not even got started in Congress. This means if and when Congress does approve the thing, you the taxpayer will be paying for it. And who's to blame for this whole mess? Why, the President of Mexico, of course.

- What ever happened to the Muslin Ban on travel to the United States? Tied up in court. Trump seems to think this hold up is because of the Courts and our own basic immigration laws. It's got nothing to do with the fact that the original submittal to the Court was poorly written and thrown out of Court; this snag in the system must be the Court's fault, right? Wrong.

- There are so many examples of Trumps pathetic blame game I could give you good folks; there is not enough ink in the presses to cover them.

I will close with this thought; when Trump has used up all of his targets for his fabricated insults and humiliations for the day and he has no one to point the finger at, there's always the good old "fake news media."

Jim Healy

North Fort Myers



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