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Destiny Diaper Bank donates adult diapers to Puerto Rico storm victims

October 4, 2017
By ERIC DeVAUX ( , Lehigh Acres Citizen

Due to Hurricane Maria's devastating landfall, Puerto Rico is in ruins and people are flocking for supplies, which are running low.

Local non-profit group Destiny Diaper Bank donated close to 8,000 adult diapers to the victims in Puerto Rico.

"I never donate out of our local community," founder Rebecca Hines said. "It's important to take care of the people that live here. Once their needs are taken care of, if we have excess then give the excess to someone else that has the need."

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Rebecca Hines, owner of Destiny Diapers, showing donated diapers.

The diaper bank receives new diapers after people pass away. Most come in boxes with no sizes.

"I couldn't take the time to open these packages up and try to decide if this is for a large person, a medium person or a small person," she said. "I had a lot of those. Their good, good, good diapers."

One day, as she was driving into Lehigh Acres, she spotted some vehicles.

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"I saw these really cool jeeps and trucks all lined up in front of Walmart," Hines said. "That totally caught my attention. They had a sign out there that said 'Supplies for Puerto Rico.'"

She drove over and told the group that she had plenty of adult diapers to donate.

"All these guys came over here on that Sunday and I started slinging them off my shelves," she said. "I just kept throwing them."

The group collecting the supplies filled four pickup trucks, according to Hines. On Sept. 27, a cargo ship and plane in Tampa took the supplies to Puerto Rico.

Hines explained that the elderly and their needs can get overlooked in crisis situations.

"When people think of diapers, they only think of babies," she said. "With the condition Puerto Rico is in, everybody is sending diapers over there, but their only for the babies. Nobody is stopping and thinking about all the adults and elderly that are over there. How embarrassing it is for an older person, that is incontinent, to not have supplies to give them at least quality of life."

Hines also pointed out that adult diapers cost a lot on a fixed income.

"They don't realize that the elderly, that are very fragile and vulnerable, can't afford diapers," she said.

Giving out diapers to the elderly can have a trickle-down effect on a family, Hines added.

"When you have an older parent or grandparent that needs these supplies, they're on a fixed income," she said. "They can't afford them. Their choices are - what are they going to buy to eat or are they going to have the supplies. Their relying on their younger children to find those supplies."

Destiny Diaper Bank provides free diapers to those in need in Lee County. Along with adult diapers, the not-for-profit also hands out baby diapers, clothing and other supplies to mothers who are students.

"Every month, we go to these schools and supply the diapers to all student moms to help keep them in school," Hines said.

Currently, it is in need of more donations and storage space to hold everything.

"I'm getting nine pallets of adult diapers and I don't know where I'm going to put them," she said. "We're trying to make room in here. We don't have room."

For information or to receive assistance from Destiny Diaper Bank, contact 239-288-6209 or or visit :



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