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The politicizing of everything is doing more harm than good

October 4, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

The flag and the Star Spangled Banner seem to be in jeopardy after 200 plus years. There has been little if any controversy regarding the flag in that time. It is one uniting symbol of our democracy.

Sports, too, had not been politicized until Kaepernick decided to step over the line. Now we have sports and the flag being drawn into the range of fire by those who have a beef.

Nothing is sacred anymore to those who have a beef and there is a large herd of beef these days. Some must stay up nights thinking of something else that they can protest.

The same people who justify this offensive action with the free speech amendment are the same people who sensor speech on our college campuses. Is the world upside down?

And then we have the race card. When you are losing the argument pull out the race card. Doesn't have to be legitimate! Just accuse the other person of being a racist. Policemen, the president and anyone else the left doesn't like are accused of racism. By definition, a racist is one who sees everything in racial terms. There are many racists accusing others of being racists.

Just like with Black Lives Matter, there will be more damage than progress. Thanks to BLM, policemen have become targets and murders in the black communities are up. Thousands of black individuals are being murdered by other black individuals in our large cities while BLM and the NFL is getting headlines for standing up for the black community.

With the news medias' political partiality, the Democrats fighting for power, and a president who can't guard his mouth, we have a country that is being divided more every day.

Obama divided the country with identity politics.

The Democrats hope to regain power with identity politics, regardless of the cost to America.

Everything is now personal. Problems and solutions for this country are on the back burner.

Who is dividing America?

The list is too long to make.

John A. Benedict

Cape Coral



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