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Inciting produces more hate

October 11, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

In referencing Mr. Lewis Robinson's several letters to the editor it is hard for me not to draw a conclusion that some of his rhetoric is not deep rooted in the profession of hate.

We all understand that some past history was not conducive to the betterment of all. Calling for the erasing of history, unfortunately, does not change that past.

Change cannot come from inciting or developing another hate group. Change comes by educating and providing for all, white, black, Hispanic and others an avenue of family structure and moral compass at an early age by affording to all a hand up to self worth without a built in hate clause. Only then will change and respect come.

The Southern Poverty Law Center states there are 63 hate groups in the state of Florida:

- 23 Black Separatist Organizations

- 8 Klu Klux Klan Chapters

- 7 Anti-Muslim Groups

- 5 Neo-Nazi Organizations

- 5 Racist Skinhead Groups

- 4 White Nationalist

- 4 Neo-Confederate Groups

- 3 Anti-LGBT Groups

- 3 General Hate Groups

- 1 Anti- Immigration Group

- 1 Holocaust Denial Bookstore

Do we really need another hate group here in Florida?

The writer talks about the evils of targeting but the rhetoric targets those volunteers entering the military. I answered one of those targeting issues in the past by offering that the military is a form of family structure and education not provided for many that came from fragmented families and communities. It provides an equal opportunity and understanding of camaraderie for all regardless of race or creed.

By the way, a special thank you to all our Florida National Guard for your outstanding assistance provided during Hurricane Irma. You honored military volunteers and hold a special place in the hearts of the many you assisted from all backgrounds and colors.

Bigotry and hate are not inborn - they are taught. Those who claim to be the most righteous seem to provide the most hate as they try to disguise this hate as a righteous cause.

If we are honest with ourselves one should look in the mirror and realize that incited rhetoric or action against others is more self serving than for the good of all.

If the writer or the groups mentioned (SURJ, Black Lives Matter, NAACP and others) want real change, focus more on providing a change for the children who are dying in our cities from crime and drugs and afford to them an equal opportunity of life without the fear of being gunned down, rather than worrying about a street or county named Lee.

One last question, for Mr. Robinson: "Would you blame the senseless murders of the two young men at Club Blu in Fort Myers on oppression or lack of moral compass and family structure?"

Of all the walls we encounter in life the hardest to combat is that of ignorance which emulates from all colors and creeds, as listed in the Southern Poverty Law Center of hate groups above.

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral



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