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A story Grimm

November 29, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

"Once upon a time" is how most fairy tales start. The letter last week by Mr. Moody was written with suspense, drama and riddled with artifice.

Mr. Moody must have written for Disney. He has all the characters; an evil Witch (Trump and his cohorts), the seven dwarfs (middle America), the handsome prince (Barry, Chuck, or Harry), a beautiful princess (Nancy) and a plot thick with deceit and treachery. Taste this apple and you will be beautiful says the witch. It has tax cuts for the dwarfs. HA, says the handsome prince. Only the rich will get tax cuts.

But the seven dwarfs think with more money in their pockets they can hire Dopey's cousin to help in the mine. Maybe get a bigger house so Snow White can have her own bathroom. Alas, Nancy spits out the apple. The handsome prince (IRS) rides off because Nancy doesn't look so pretty in the daylight and the evil witch plots another way to trick the seven dwarfs, offer them a better health option and allow mining in their local town.

Ah, read the tax bill, stop the fairy tales, turn off MSNBC and go outside your little circle of fiction writers and tax collectors.

Jack Holt

Cape Coral



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