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All volunteer military fosters problems

November 29, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

The nation is recovering from a violent episode initiated by an ex-airman.

The 26-year-old man was discharged in 2014 with bad conduct discharge. He (knowingly) worked six weeks as a civilian at a low-level security job. His period in the Air Force 2010 to 2014 including one year of confinement, multiple violent episodes (wife and child abuse), threats to commanders, illegal weapons smuggling, refusal to obey doctors, escape from therapy.

He walked into a rural church killing 26 people and wounding many. He later was killed or killed himself (which I doubt), so we do not have a motive.

Things just don't fit. Air Force recruits are targeted as being bright, high-quality, good character, preparing for high-tech jobs and performance. Violence and guns seem to be out of place. Yet the military prosecutor seem to indicate that this is common place.

Bottom line, military training does not build character.

The motive given for his violent episode has been labeled domestic disputes (including his mother-in-law).

I think that's unlikely. More likely is radicalization, a homegrown terrorist. He was unemployed, unable to hold a job. He was released from a light security job, (described as a poor fit). This man had a number of possible reasons for anger, and violence against this society; all of the people he sees as against him.

Why would he target his mother-in-law? If he did, why not attack her at home. Why did he select a religious institution? Why would he target that institution not having checked that his mother-in-law was there? More believable, this was a soft target for a radicalized, homegrown terrorist.

We have for too many vets now facing difficulties after being discharged. Unemployed, homeless, with multiple illnesses is not an unusual situation for vets. We must work to resolve the situation.

Our country is not at war. Well, that's not quite right. We are always at war. Now that we have an All Volunteer Military (mercenaries) our leaders can keep us at war without any checks and balances. We have troops situated in countries around the world. Even in countries like Yemen and Somalia (engaged in civil wars) and are in famine, we are there as warriors, not as peacekeepers or for humanitarian assistance.

We had troops in 52 or 53 African States. Niger is only one and we can't get an answer for why we are there, and engaged in conflict.

There are many reasons why this All Volunteer Military (mercenary) is not good. Just cited - abuse of the military, poor training, poor characters, and abuse of power by our government without any accountability.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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