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Deficit hawks

December 13, 2017
Lehigh Acres Citizen

A very tragic event happened this last Friday evening, Nov. 13. The Republican Party announced that a very important part of our democratic process had died. That's right; the last member of an endangered species had passed away. We are not really sure if we will ever see its kind again. This group of individuals were formally known as deficit hawks. This hardnosed species of politicians held the spending of taxpayers' money to an absolute rule that said, if you spend one thin dime out of the federal budget you must, replace it with money from some other line item in that budget. No cute little phrase or fairy tale explaining how they were getting around their self-imposed rule would be accepted. They called it deficit neural spending. No exceptions were allowed, not money to help people in need after a natural disaster, not money to pay our bills in order to avoid a government shutdown. Nada-Zip-Nothing, no exceptions.

With that rule as a backdrop I would be delighted to hear an explanation from somebody on the right, how in the hell can they justify passing a "tax reform" bill that will add one and a half trillion dollars to the Federal Budget over the next 10 years. Something is just not adding up here. Oh, I've heard all about their song and dance that this whole con job will pay for its self once the economy heats up and the tax money will start rolling in, however, since that has never happened, I would look forward to some righty to point out where and when this magical event has in fact happened. No blah-blah, just straight talk. Oh, and please spare us of the old line "If that happens then this will happen." Just like what Mitch McConnell said while trying to sell this turkey of a tax reform bill. He said "This tax cut will create so much economic growth; it (will) begin to pay down the nation's debt.".Would somebody please stand up and point out one, just one instance where and when in the past, this BS has actually worked.

If I may, please let me point out the absolutely worst part of this bill that is already baked into the cake, so to speak. This is the part nobody seems to be talking about. It is the part that is supposed to answer the pesky question, "What happens when all of the wonderful promises you morons have committed to all Americans, fall apart and do not materialize? Well, wouldn't you know, they already have a fancy name for it, that would be a "trigger" or "backstop". You're probably asking yourself, what the hell is that? Let me tell you what it is, in plain old U.S. American. It means that the middle class of our great nation will be asked to pay for this monumental tax giveaway to the wealthy again and again and again until they rise up and tell this Congress "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." Of course they won't listen and act responsibly, at which time it will be time to throw the bums out of office. As far as I'm concerned they can start with their leader the Republicans have given us. Donald J. Trump. Undoubtable the worst President we have ever had. I truly hope our nation will be able to survive after this monster's reign of terror is over.

Jim Healy

North Fort Myers



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